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Announcing the Grand Reopening of Jade – The Renowned Fine Dining Restaurant at The Claridges, New Delhi, Where Culinary Tradition Meets Contemporary Elegance

The Claridges New Delhi, celebrated for its robust presence in food and beverage offerings is delighted to announce the grand reopening of Jade, the distinguished fine dining restaurant that has been a cherished part of the hotel’s legacy. Situated in the heart of Delhi, the hotel has earned its acclaim for offering a spectrum of diverse cuisines and culinary experiences through its seven distinctive restaurants and bars.

The New Era of Jade

Jade is renowned for its delectable Oriental cuisine, serving up authentic vegetarian and non-vegetarian Chinese-Cantonese delicacies from the East. This relaunch marks a momentous occasion, inviting patrons to once again experience the culinary brilliance offered by Jade. As its name suggests, the restaurant has been a gem at The Claridges New Delhi, serving up a gastronomic journey of culinary excellence, where tradition meets innovation, and every detail contributes to a memorable dining experience.

Promising to set a new benchmark by balancing classic tastes with modern style, Jade will offer a perfect sensory dining experience which narrates a tale of rich culinary traditions with opulent aesthetics.

Jade: A Magnificent Transformation Unveiled

Jade, has undergone a magnificent transformation with various meticulously designed elements that seamlessly blend to create a setting that echoes the vibrancy of the East. The revamped restaurant now can host up to around 90 guests, versus the former seating capacity of 45 guests. Opening its doors to everyone, Jade promises a unique and unforgettable experience. Alongside the expanded capacity, a tastefully curated new menu awaits, featuring an array of palate-pleasing culinary delights.

At Jade, innovation means preserving the heart of traditional tastes through subtle modifications. The expert culinary team has skilfully maintained a delicate balance between traditional and contemporary elements, showcasing their creativity and deep appreciation for the rich heritage of Chinese cuisine.

Jades Authenticity Enhanced with Culinary Excellence

Successfully serving patrons over the years, Jade maintains authenticity while adding new dimensions to its culinary journey. The new menu, features delights such as Assorted Dim Sums, Crispy Aromatic Duck, and Spicy Sweet Bean Lobster’, further elevating the distinctive dining experience. Additionally, the new menu features mouth-watering unique delicacies like – Kung Pao Brussels Sprouts, Cantonese Cauliflower Sweet & Sour, Lobster & Scallops Squid-ink Dim Sum with Gold Leaf, Crab Parma-ham & Black Truffle Roll, Barbecue Duck Puff, Barbecue Pork, Chilean Sea Bass, Sugar Snap Peas, White Asparagus, and Mud Crab with Garlic and Soy. One of Jade’s signature specialities are national dish of China – “Peking Duck,” and Cheung Fan Dim Sum, highlight the subtleties of Chinese culinary technique.

Executive Chef, Ankur Gulati expresses, “We are delighted to re-introduce our signature fine dining restaurant Jade and hope to elevate the culinary journey of our guests at The Claridges New Delhi. As a chef, my passion is to deliver an extraordinary dining experience where each dish is a celebration of authentic flavours and innovative techniques. Our patrons can expect more diverse offerings, while we primarily focus on Cantonese-style cooking techniques, we also embrace regional influences, such as the Sichuan-originated Kung Pao Chicken and beyond. Successfully balancing traditional flavours with modern techniques in Chinese cuisine requires a deep understanding and reverence for the roots of the cuisine, coupled with an innovative spirit.”

Group Culinary Director, chef Ritesh Negiadds,“Im proud of the creativity involved in presenting our famous Peking Duck. Perfectly sliced at your table, each piece is a gastronomic dance of crispy skin and juicy meat that work in perfect harmony. Take a culinary trip with us and enjoy our Dim Sum Trolley, a visually stunning meal that lets our guests customise their own dim sum from a menu that has been thoughtfully created. Each dish serves as evidence of our commitment to giving our esteemed guests an extraordinary dining experience.”

Jade, a Symphony of Culinary Elegance and Artistic Mastery in Every Detail
Jade, previously was known for its intimate and cosy ambiance, a haven where diners embraced the warmth of dim lighting and quaint surroundings. However, as we continue to evolve, weve expanded our horizons and introduced a refreshing transformation to our culinary haven. The new space is grander, infused with ample natural light, more seating and offering a brighter and more expansive atmosphere. This marks a significant enhancement, introducing a great feature – a new element that adds a fresh dimension to the dining experience. Notably, the addition of a glass roof, at the designated area at Jade transforms into an enchanting all-season dining haven. For instance, as the winter blankets the surroundings, patrons can bask in the warmth of the sun, creating a bright and warm atmosphere. And the rains and play of raindrops on the glass roof will add a poetic touch, transforming the space into an intimate spot for diners. The versatility of this special dining area at Jade ensures a memorable experience, seamlessly blending the joys of nature with culinary delights, regardless of the weather outside.

Jades atmosphere is a symphony of colours reminiscent of old Chinese towns, with brass accents and malachite pillars lending an air of wealth. The logo, which features statues of jade tigers and an elusive dragon, creates the mood for a magical dining experience. Ankon Mitra, a renowned artist from Delhi, created these exquisitely dancing dragons on the restaurant ceiling.

With an expanded capacity of 90 covers and three private dining rooms, Jade becomes an exclusive canvas. First Private Dining Room, where an ancient Jade Emperors painting takes centre stage, accompanied by Ankon Mitra’s brass Fu Dogs. These guardian figures, both male and female, hold energy-filled spheres in their paws, creating a sense of protection and vibrancy throughout the restaurant. On the other hand, the third Private Dining Room unveils the captivating “Nymph of The Luo River,” an ancient masterpiece that acts as a poetic thread, weaving through the artistic treasures of the restaurant. Together, these spaces seamlessly merge, forming an expansive private party area.

Immerse yourself in the refined details that define Jades interiors – custom hand-painted gold-leafed wallpapers, sophisticated brass handles, and oriental jalis adorning doors and mirrors. In every nook and corner of Jade, each meticulous detail serves as a brushstroke, contributing to a narrative that transforms the dining experience into a true work of art.

Hotel Manager, Himanshu Kumar shares, “At Jade, we are thrilled to embark on a journey that seamlessly blends the rich tapestry of Chinese culture with a commitment to impeccable service. Much like the Year of the Dragon signifies transformation and renewal, our service is finely detailed to offer a transformative dining experience. The essence of Chinas cultural heritage is interwoven into every aspect, creating an atmosphere where guests not only savour delectable dishes but also indulge in a service that reflects the timeless traditions and hospitality that defines our hotel. Welcome to a culinary haven where tradition meets transformation, and the art of service is as exquisite as the flavours we serve.”

General Manager, Hemendra Singh Kushalgarhsays, “The Claridges New Delhi, takes immense pride in unveiling the magnificent transformation of our cherished Chinese Cantonese haven, Jade. This moment marks the commencement of a culinary resurrection, where Jade, with its storied legacy of delighting our esteemed guests, re-emerges in a breath-taking new incarnation. With meticulous attention to detail, we have curated a menu that reflects the essence of authenticity and sophistication, paired with an ambiance that exudes refined elegance. The rebirth of Jade symbolizes our unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled experiences for our discerning patrons. This journey is not just about recreating the past but elevating it to new heights.”