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Sri Ramakrishna Hospital Hosted an Awareness Event for Ambulance Drivers to Emphasize Initial Management of Mass Casualty and Golden Hour in Emergency Response

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, a leading healthcare institution in emergency healthcare and disaster response, conducted an emergency awareness event for ambulance drivers on 20.01.2024 (Saturday) at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital Auditorium, Coimbatore to emphasize the paramount importance of “initial management of mass casualty incidents” and sheds light on the critical concept of the “golden hour” in emergency response.

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital Conducts an Awareness event for Ambulance Operators

With the recent surge in emergencies and casualties Sri Ramakrishna Hospital has initiated an awareness program for ambulance drivers in Coimbatore. The welcome speech was provided by Dr. S. Rajagopal, M.ch.,(Neurosurgery), Medical Director. This event was taken forward by Dr. N. Manjunathan, E.R. Consultant (Initial Management of Mass Casualty) and Dr. M. Parthiban, E.R. Consultant (The Golden Hour).

The event focussed on the role of ambulance drivers in all types of casualties, as they share a vital role to the success of the initial management phase. Ambulance drivers are often the first responders on the scene, making their actions critical during the golden window to ensure effective emergency response.

The Key Insights of The Awareness Event

The patient’s life in an emergency can partly depend on the ambulance drivers as their spontaneity in bringing the patients within the golden window, determines the life safety of the patients. Especially in a mass emergency, triage plays a major role while shifting the patients.

Triage is a medical process for sorting people based on the injury levels and priority of medical treatment. This process helps in prioritizing the severely injured patients and help them receive the treatment at the earliest.

In the triage procedure, patients are given Red, Yellow, Green and Black tags.

i) Red refers to severely injured patients who require immediate medical help.

ii) Yellow refers to mild to severely injured patients.

iii) Green refers to little or no injury.

(iv) Black refers to individuals who have passed away at the disaster site.

Unless the ambulance drivers shift the red coded patients at the right time to the hospital they cannot be saved.

The red triage patients need to be stabilized in the ambulance before shifting them to the hospital. Ensure that they are provided with a spine board before moving them as in case of unnoticed spine injury it can worsen due to movement. In case patients complain of neck pain or visible head injury do not move them, and ensure that they are safely shifted to the hospital.

And if any sharp object is penetrated into the body, never attempt to remove it as it may lead to bleeding and may severely damage the internal parts. An effective well led emergency mass triaging can help save multiple patients at the same time.

Other than accident emergency patients, people with other medical health emergencies like heart attack and stroke also require immediate assistance, and knowing to provide first-aid in such cases can help saving lives and avoid them from serious complications.

Even snake bites are also considered an emergency as they possess several risks when the treatment is delayed. In case of snake bites, make sure to keep the victim’s mind relaxed as when they panic, the heart beats much faster and blood pumps the venom into the body within no time, so it’s extremely crucial to keep the victim calm. Avoid tying the area above the snake bite tight, as it may prevent complete blood circulation and can lead to irreversible damage.

As ambulance drivers are major role players in an emergency situation, learning the first-aid techniques for different emergencies can be of huge help in several ways.

As a pioneer in emergency healthcare, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital is committed to advancing the understanding and implementation of best practices in initial management during mass casualty incidents within the golden hour window.

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital has initiated this awareness event for the ambulance drivers with a focus of education, training, and community engagement to respond effectively for all kinds of emergencies along with providing exceptional emergency treatment in Coimbatore. The ambulance drivers are often the unsung heroes, and this awareness event was designed to empower them to make a difference in critical situations.

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