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“Which is the Most Important Screen in your Life” Asks Sanjeevani

On World Cancer Day, observed on February 4, the Federal Bank Hormis Memorial Foundation, News18 Network, and Tata Trusts, in collaboration with Fortis launched a powerful short film titled #YaadRakheinScreenKarein. The film is part of the Sanjeevani initiative, which serves as a guiding force to drive conversations about cancer, dispelling misconceptions, and strongly advocating early screening as a pivotal step in the collective fight against this formidable disease.


Link to film: The Screen Of Life

In India, the alarming statistic of one in nine individuals facing the risk of cancer during their lifetime becomes more pressing with a projected increase in cases from 14.6 lakh in 2022 to 15.7 lakh in 2025, as reported by the Indian Council of Medical Research-National Cancer Registry Programme (ICMR -NCRP). [1]Additionally, a 2020 study identified late diagnosis as the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the country.

Built on this insight, the film seeks to encourage every Indian to reflect on the significance of cancer screening in their daily lives. Amid our collective obsession with screens-smartphones, TVs, or laptops-the film compels viewers to acknowledge the most vital screen of all: the one reflecting their health.

Speaking on the campaign, M V S Murthy, Chief Marketing Officer, Federal Bank said, “There is tremendous effort happening on the other side of cancer. Unfortunately, at advanced stages, it feels all in vain. Through Sanjeevani we are giving life more than a fair chance of putting up a strong fight by promoting early detection. There are two intertwining aspects that we want all of us to commit ourselves to – an annual health check-up and in that an add-on of cancer screening. Sanjeevani has both width and depth of effort, as it works in the intersection of patient support, on ground screening across corporates and large communities and finally on building commitment to self-care by screening annually. Championing the cause beyond Sanjeevani, Federal Bank Hormis Memorial Foundation, in partnership with Tata Cancer Care Foundation and Assam Cancer Care Foundation, has extended support to over 1900 families in a short span of a few weeks. When it comes to cancer, more is less.”

Puneet Singhvi, CEO, Digital, and President, Corporate Strategy at Network18, added, “In the realm of healthcare, where knowledge, awareness, and timely diagnoses are crucial, Sanjeevani remains dedicated to educating and advocating for the benefits of early cancer detection. Using communication tools such as this social experiment film is an excellent method of creating emotional connections and influencing behavioral changes. We hope that this soul-stirring film breaks stigma and acts as a powerful reminder for our audience to schedule their cancer screening soon.”

Deepshikha Goel Surendran, Head of Brand and Marketing Communications, Tata Trusts, commented, “Tata Trusts remains committed to alleviating the cancer burden in India by not just focusing on providing access to quality & affordable care but also providing as much, if not greater emphasis on awareness. While early detection of cancer helps save lives, it also plays a significant role in reducing the financial burden for patients while also reducing the overall burden on the system. Our effort at the Trusts, therefore, is to drive this behaviour change that will eventually lead to a reversal of the late to early detection ratio from 70 to 30, as is the case, internationally. Through the film #YaadRakheinScreenKarein, as part of our partnership for ‘Sanjeevani, United Against Cancer’, we hope to lay emphasis on the significance of regular screening using a thought-provoking lever that we hope will inspire introspection and help to move the needle on early detection“.

In September 2023, the Federal Bank Hormis Memorial Foundation, News 18 Network, and Tata Trusts, renowned for their dedication to impactful initiatives, collectively unveiled Sanjeevani-United Against Cancer. This initiative aimed to raise awareness about the silent cancer epidemic, dispel fears, and encourage early health tests. Focused on efficient tumor management and symptom recognition, the campaign underscored the importance of collective efforts in battling cancer. As the #YaadRakheinScreenKarien film takes center stage, it stands as a poignant extension of the Sanjeevani campaign, reinforcing the commitment to empower individuals with knowledge and unite the nation in the fight against cancer.

Watch the ‘#YaadRakheinScreenKarien’ short film here.

For more details on Sanjeevani – United Against Cancer, click here.

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