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MaxPetZ Performs Innovative High-Pressure Balloon Valvuloplasty, Breaks Barriers in Pet Healthcare and Veterinary Treatment

MaxPetZ, Indias leading chain of multi-specialty veterinary hospitals and clinics, dedicated to providing quality pet healthcare and wellness services, recently achieved a significant milestone in veterinary care. The team of MaxPetZ led by Dr. Bhanu Dev Sharma successfully conducted the first-ever high-pressure balloon valvuloplasty surgery in India, an interventional surgical procedure aimed at increasing the blood flow in a blocked artery and reducing pressure by 50%.

The surgery was performed on a two-year old indie dog at the MaxPetZ Hospital in Delhi, marking a revolutionary advancement in the field of veterinary cardiology.

A specialist in interventional radiology, cardiology procedures, and internal medicine, Dr. Sharma carries with him over 15 years of enriching experience in India and abroad. In addition to being recognised by the Limca Book of Records for performing the first Pacemaker implantation surgery in India on a dog who was suffering from complete heart block, he is also an active member of the European Society for veterinary cardiology.

Dr. Bhanu Dev Sharma Chief Medical Officer & Head of Cardiology, MaxPetZ

Expressing his elation at the successful completion of the groundbreaking procedure, Dr. Bhanu Sharma, Chief Medical officer & Head of Cardiology at MaxPetZ said,” This is a groundbreaking moment for not only MaxPetZ but also for the field of interventional cardiology and veterinary treatment. I am ecstatic that me and my team could successfully conduct such a prominent and world acclaimed procedure to enhance the quality of life of our patients. This is the first time that high pressure balloon valvuloplasty has been done in India, and I am extremely grateful for my team and the hospital’s support in this endeavor. The patient initially presented with lethargy and episodes of sudden fainting and post diagnosis we performed the surgery keeping in mind every possible risk and complication that there could be not to mention suitably preparing for any eventuality. The patient came in with a max pressure gradient of 149mmHG, and I am extremely happy to say that after just two days in post-op care, an increase of more than 60% was observed. This procedure has the potential to completely transform the way we look at veterinary care from a cardiology perspective and I look forward to carrying out more such revolutionary treatments to transform our patients’ lives.”

High-pressure balloon valvuloplasty is an interventional cardiology procedure that allows vascular access via the carotid artery, carried out under the careful guidance of fluoroscopy and trans-oesophageal echocardiography. Dr. Sharma and his team performed this procedure which unblocked the cardiac valves that were previously causing discomfort, syncope and lethargic episodes in the patient, thereby improving blood circulation and avoiding syncopal episodes.

MaxPetZ, with its 15 multi-specialty hospitals and clinics across the country, continues to set new standards in pet healthcare. This groundbreaking achievement reaffirms their commitment to advancing veterinary procedure and providing best in-class treatments for the well being of pets.

About MaxPetZ

MaxPetZ, Indias leading chain of multi-specialty veterinary hospitals and clinics, dedicated to providing top pet healthcare and wellness services. Founded by merging two iconic names in the industry, Max Vets in Delhi/NCR and Pet Zone in Mumbai/Goa, MaxPetZ has a legacy of over 70 years. Their vision is to reshape the pet healthcare landscape in India by making exceptional veterinary care accessible to pet parents nationwide. Founded with a vision to revolutionize the industry, MaxPetZ offers top-notch services across Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, and Lucknow. Their Hub and Spoke model ensures comprehensive care, with 15 super specialty hospitals providing consultations, vaccinations, grooming, diagnostics, surgeries, emergency care, pharmacy, and pet supplies. The doctor-owned, doctor-led approach reflects their commitment to compassionate and quality pet healthcare nationwide.