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Trailblazing the Journey: Inaugural Program Unveils ‘Pancham Dham Mahayagya’ Across 12 Cities in India, Starting in Saharsa, Bihar on January 15

Pancham Dham Yatra, an annual pilgrimage since 2018, is set to commence its 7th Yatra on March 31, 2024. Spanning 12 cities in India, the yatra involves seeking blessings for Pancham Dham. The journey began with the first program scheduled in Saharsa, Bihar, on January 15 with the Pancham Dham Mahayagya. The Mahayagya drew a large number of devoted participants, fostering a collective spiritual experience and promoting unity and devotion among attendees.

Kalash Yatra, Madhepura, Bihar

The tradition of Mahayagya and Kalash Yatra has been there in Bharat since the Vedic period. The Kanya Dal pledges to take up the responsibility of creating the earth through the Kalash Yatra. Pancham Dham Nyas has celebrated this tradition for the welfare of society as well. In this sequence, the enthusiasm for organizing Pancham Dham Mahayagya and Kalash Yatra in Madhepura, Bihar was celebrated like a national festival.

Pancham Dham Nyas, a registered trust spanning both India and Cambodia, embodies the visionary pursuits of Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, who, fueled by two decades of meticulous research, embarked on a purposeful spiritual journey. His unwavering dedication is dedicated to preserving and disseminating the profound wisdom of Sanatana Dharma. Supported by Shri Indresh Kumar, a stalwart advocate within the RSS, Dr. Hiranandanis vision gains crucial momentum, with Shri Indresh Kumar playing a pivotal role in propagating Sanatan Dharma globally. Shri Indresh Kumar’s steadfast belief aligns harmoniously with Pancham Dhams overarching mission for global harmony. Operating under the leadership of General Secretary Shailesh Vats and with Shyam Parande overseeing the Sanghs organizational endeavors beyond India, the trust is steadfast in its commitment to establish the rich tradition of Bharats Dhams worldwide.

During the week-long festival organized by the Nyas on Swami Vivekananda Jayanti, a diverse gathering, ranging from students of Delhi University to those from rural areas, came together to celebrate for the betterment of the world. On this significant occasion, RSS luminary Indresh Kumar announced the seventh edition of the Pancham Dham Yatra, scheduled to take place from April 2 to April 7, 2024. This years yatra will focus on the state of Bihar, with the main destination being the Pancham Dham Ashram in Siem Reap. Notably, this yatra spans two countries, Thailand and the sacred land of Dham Bhoomi Cambodia.

Embarking on this sacred journey to Cambodia, the yatra will commence with the divine sight of the Sahastra Shivalinga of Lord Shiva, unearthed in 2008 through the dedicated efforts of Dr. Hiranandani. Shri Indresh Kumar sanctified the Dham at this location, marking the foundation stone ceremony for the construction of the Shiva temple situated beyond the globally protected area. It is noteworthy that Angkor Wat, the largest temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu in Siem Reap, Cambodia, stands as the eighth wonder among the marvels of the world.

During the Yatra, a program of Shri Ram Darshan has also been organized in the temple built in Ayutthaya the former capital of Thailand. According to the sources, this temple is still closed but the Government of Bharat may start constant diplomatic conversations to open this temple in the favour of both countries. With the opening of the temple, devotees will be able to have a darshan of Shri Ram which will also boost tourism in Thailand.

On the banks of the Mekong River in the hills of Kulain, there are a thousand Shivalingas of Lord Shiva, which remained unknown for centuries. This kingdom of Cambodia city Siem Reap is a city of temples where 117 Hindu temples are dilapidated. Dr. Hiranandani has appealed to all the Indians living across the globe for the restoration of these temples and has organized a seminar in London at the onset of the month of Sawan, May 22nd July.

In this seventh journey of Pancham Dham, a seminar will be organized in Thailand and Cambodia on the subject of “Cultural Heritage of Buddha“. During the trip, there are several scheduled temple visits and talks with monks in Buddhist monasteries. The purpose of the trip will be to reawaken the cultural and spiritual themes of Southeast Asia and India. Hindu representatives from all over Asia will participate in the Yatra.

This years journey will also be memorable as Pancham Dham in association with Dharma Sanskriti Sangam is going to establish a temple in Gaya to awaken religious and cultural beliefs, which will be the first temple in the world in which the assembled idols of Tathagat Mahatma Buddha and Lord Vishnu will be consecrated. This will be the first consecration of Mahatma Buddha in a Hindu temple in India. Apart from this, the Nyas is engaged in the construction and reconstruction of temples under the Vishwa Kalyan tradition in many cities of Bharat. Nyas representatives are going to Sri Lanka to participate in Sri Lanka Independence Day on 4th Feb. The Ministry of Sri Lankan Tourism is constantly inviting suggestions on Maa Ashok Vatika Sthal at Sri Lanka.